Challenge the Echo-Chamber ALWAYS

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Challenge the Echo-Chamber ALWAYS

Post by DaveA » Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:55 pm

The negative self-talk in our paruretic heads is enormously destructive and quite effective in preventing recovery.

If you aren't challenging your negative's the only voice in the conversation, and you're buying into the bullshit it's feeding you.

In talk forums, support groups, practice partner situations...challenge the negative echo-chamber voices. NEVER let paruretic bullshit stand. It will re-inforce your own fears, and strengthen the fears of others.

You believe the paruretic bullshit that you do...because it wasn't challenged, you bought into it.

That's normal and completely understandable if you've never been exposed to other perspectives. But it also keeps you chained to your suffering.

:idea: Challenge any and all negative talk from fellow paruretics and your own harmful leads to recovery. :mrgreen:

A group of people all whining about how embarrassing paruresis is, and how others can't possibly re-inforcing their fears, NOT reducing them.

Challenge your own bullshit paruretic fears and well as those from fellow paruretics and civilians.

Don't let the echo-chamber effect, make your suffering worse.
You can't successfully tease a person about something they don't feel embarrassed about.
I can pee...because it's okay if I can't.
The problem is embarrassment, paruresis is rooted in your embarrassment.

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