Leaves In A Stream - Big Bang Theory

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Leaves In A Stream - Big Bang Theory

Post by DaveA » Wed Feb 25, 2015 8:23 am

"Leaves In A Stream" is classic recovery exercise for ACT.

If you've looked into ACT, you're familiar with it.
It has become so widely known, that people are aware of "Leaves In A Stream" without ever having heard of ACT.

On the Big Bang Theory, a TV sitcom,
Season 8: Episode 15 - The Comic Book Store Regeneration

They made hilarious fun of "Leaves In A Stream".
It was a running joke throughout the entire episode.
As someone who has practiced ACT and the Leaves exercise, I couldn't stop laughing.

Although it's my opinion that ACT and the Leaves exercise are arguably the most important cognitive breakthrough in CBT ever...I certainly know first hand how challenging the exercise is. And that's what made the references to it hysterically funny to me.

Even if you aren't a fan of the show, if you're a fan of ACT I think you'd laugh also.

If you post a reply, please do what I did, be vague enough so that if somebody watches the episode after reading this post, it doesn't ruin the joke for them.

I'll wait a week or two before discussing the joke they did in a reply below.
For right now, I just want our community that subscribes to ACT, to have a chance to see and laugh at it.
You can't successfully tease a person about something they don't feel embarrassed about.
I can pee...because it's okay if I can't.
The problem is embarrassment, paruresis is rooted in your embarrassment.

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