Engagement (ACT)

ACT is a mainstream therapy tool, utilized by leading Psychologists and counselors worldwide.
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Engagement (ACT)

Post by DaveA » Thu Feb 05, 2015 8:38 am

"Engagement" is defined in the ACT principles as becoming FULLY aware of anything and everything around you. You practice this concept by seeking to engage ALL 5 of your senses and becoming "psychologically present" to the sight, sounds, smells, feel, (but hopefully not taste) of everything around you in a restroom...or elsewhere.

You can practice it anywhere, so you aren't limited to only practicing when you're in a restroom or other paruretic situation. Practicing it elsewhere, in conjunction with ALSO practicing it inside restrooms, will help with the typical paruretic issue of shutting down mentally when entering a restroom and experiencing fight or flight.

For use with graduated exposure, this is a GREAT tool.
If the concept of desensitization is to EXPERIENCE what you fear (in non-overwhelming doses)...what better tool could there be than the ability to become more fully aware of anything and everything around you?
You can't successfully tease a person about something they don't feel embarrassed about.
I can pee...because it's okay if I can't.
The problem is embarrassment, paruresis is rooted in your embarrassment.

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