performance anxiety a common theme..

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performance anxiety a common theme..

Post by william » Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:16 pm

the undercurrent of performance anxiety dominates many paruretic threads..
or is it just my distorted perception ?

the paruretic voice keeps repeating the same concerns...the conditioning is universal...I could have written exactly the same my dark days
I have or had so much in common with 90%
of paruretics...

which goes to prove this is a scientific condition...verified and repeatable .
just rambling on how the posts never change....
peeing is easy
performing to expectations is hard

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Re: performance anxiety a common theme..

Post by DaveA » Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:21 pm

Hi William,
No worries, I understand your frustration.

Don't let the countless Paruretic voices of others wear you down.

You decimated your Paruretic voice long ago. Trying to help others see and defeat their own is good for you both...up to a point.

I think there's a point where our own interests are best served by stepping away from the voices of Paruretics still trapped and struggling for recovery.

Feel free to think of this place as a half-way house. :mrgreen:
You can't successfully tease a person about something they don't feel embarrassed about.
I can pee...because it's okay if I can't.
The problem is embarrassment, paruresis is rooted in your embarrassment.

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