Information, Techniques and the Psychology Of Recovery

For Phobic Level "Shy Bladder" (paruresis)

Dave With SBSW Shirt

What's a "paruretic"?

Well, the short answer

A paruretic is a person with "paruresis".

Paruresis is the fear of NOT urinating, and having people notice.

Paruretics attribute false meanings and values to their hesitation or inability to empty their bladder.

Embarrassment over paruresis drives a cycle of avoidance and worsening sensitivity.

Anxiety Cycle

Embarrassment creates anxiety.

Anxiety encourages avoidance.

Avoidance makes the paruretic more sensitized.

Increased sensitivity produces more anxiety, and the cycle repeats.

Dave At Urinals

My name is Dave, and I'm a paruretic at an advanced level of recovery.

I hope that what helped me recover, can help you also.